Thursday, April 26, 2012

Water RE-sourcing?

I constantly think about the predicted water shortages here in the States, and especially in Oklahoma. Last fall, the Oklahoma Water Resources Board published the Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan, which examines water needs and sources for the next 60 years and predicts that there will be a 33% gap between demand and supply. In addition to this shortage, Oklahoma is currently involved in legal battles over water with Arkansas, Texas, and the Cherokee Indian tribe.

Water is becoming a bigger and bigger issue around the world, but especially here in the US. I've read before that the most effective way to conserve water is to increase water prices and I agree with this theory. Currently, water is extremely cheap. It costs many times more to get clean water in a developing nation than it does here in the US. Also, our infrastructure needs to be replaced very soon. According to the Comprehensive Water Plan, approximately $84 billion will be needed to improve OK's water infrastructure, however we will only be able to provide about $1.9 billion.

I also believe that a K-12 outreach is incredibly important in helping to conserve water and making our living situation sustainable. Reaching out to kids has proven very effective in developing worlds to improve health and sanitation, and it makes sense to me to employ this strategy here in the US. I'm not entirely sure what exactly can be done to connect with kids, but I'm sure that I can get ideas and figure something out.

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