Thursday, May 3, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Today's post isn't focused so much on engineering, per se, as it is on a couple of the funner things in life. For starters, I am so excited about this: I discovered a new hair product that will probably save me a LOT of time--smooth serum. I have fairly wavy/curly hair, but I also like to brush it--which means it gets super frizzy and takes almost an hour to blow dry and straighten (when I put the time in). Not with this stuff! I used the Herbal Essences smooth serum this morning before blow drying, and my hair is fairly straight and frizz-free without needed to use my straightener. I realize that this topic is kind of far from the engineering field, but if you're a nerdy female like me and haven't invested much time or effort into beauty, you need all the help you can get.

The second thing I want to highlight is the new Lego Friends series. I've read and seen various reviews about them on some of the blogs I follow and on tv, and agreed with them: that Lego Friends is a bit condescending to girls and how silly it is that Lego put out a line of pastel legos specifically for girls. That is, I felt this way until I saw Stephanie and looked at some of her friends. Stephanie is the Lego friend who's into animals and baking. She even has an ATV to go pick up animals in. How cool is that? There's also Mia the vet, Emma the fashion designer/hair stylist, Andrea the rock star, and (my favorite) Olivia the inventor. I like Olivia the best because she gets this cool workshop:
I like all her toys--the chalkboard, the robot, and the power tools. I know she isn't a civil engineer,  but she's pretty awesome. Even though Lego Friends initially  seemed sexist, I have been converted 

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